“To anyone that thinks the whole insert thing is just about keeping air in the tires, think again. CushCore is the single most impressive thing I’ve put on my bike when it comes to improving ride quality and handling when really pushing my bike on rugged terrain.”
— Jeff Brines, Vital MTB Product Tester

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What is it?

CushCore® (Patent Pending) is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a mountain bike tire.  It divides the tire roughly in half, with CushCore next to the rim and a tunable air pocket under the tread.  It stabilizes the tire casing while allowing the tread patch to remain flexible and sensitive.  It provides incredible traction.  It reduces impact force by 50%.  It radically changes the way your bike interacts with the ground.

The CushCore is neither glorified nor a pool noodle—it is simply glorious.
— Freehub Magazine
Hey guys, just some quick feedback to let you know (and give thanks) that CushCore definitely saved my race here in Madeira.
— Jared Graves, Team Specialized, Enduro World Series
For me Cushcore is one of those products that seems to be increasingly rare; it has increased my stoke for riding and for my bike. Given the choice I can’t imagine riding without it for the foreseable future.
— Cam McRae, NSMB.com
Once you ride with CushCore, you won’t want to ride without.
— Bikeboard.at

Video: Introduction to CushCore

Video: CushCore reduces impact force by 50%