flat prevention and rim protection

CushCore prevents the tire from bottoming out against the rim in the event of a violent impact.  This greatly reduces the risk of wheel damage and helps prevent pinch flats, tire "burping," and gashes in the tire casing.


drop tower test results

Impact without CushCore — severe rim damage.

Impact with CushCore — no rim damage.


No More tire "burp"

If a tubeless tire flexes excessively, it can eject air between the tire bead and the rim.  This problem has been nicknamed "burping."  Normally it occurs in a hard corner or a big impact, and is much more likely at low tire pressures.  Burping happens because the tire bead is held against the rim only by the force of air pressure within the tire.  

CushCore acts as a mechanical bead lock.  It anchors the tire bead inside the rim so tire burping cannot occur.