Who's using CushCore?

professional mountain bike racing teams and riders who use cushcore

The CushCore worked awesome for racing.... Being able to run some super fast almost XC tires for the DH without worrying about stability or flatting was awesome!
— Jared Graves, Team Specialized

 Enduro World Series


Team Specialized

  • Jared Graves
  • Curtis Keene

Team Yeti

“ I rode yesterday on a spare rear wheel with no CushCore yesterday and hated it, I was afraid to hit rocks hard, and the tire squirmed around a lot.
— Jared Graves
  • Jubal Davis
  • Ritchie Rude

Rocky Mountain Enduro Team

  • Remi Gauvin
  • Jesse Melamed

Team Bergamont

  • Eddy Masters
  • Morgan Charre
  • Patrick Butler
  • Reece Wilson

Round 2 testing today - in terms of quantifying the performance (2.5 sec faster over 2 minutes) and convincing the riders of the value of the added weight it was very successful.
— Nigel Reeve, Canyon Factory Downhill Team head mechanic

UCI World Cup Downhill


Team Specialized Gravity

  • Loic Bruni
  • Finn Iles
  • Miranda Miller

 Team Canyon Factory DH

Riding CushCore is real advantage.
— Ben Vergnaud, Scott-Velosolutions head mechanic
  • Troy Brosnan
  • Ruaridh Cunningham
  • Mark Wallace

Commencal DH

  • Myriam Nicole
I really like the shape and feel of the product.
— Tom Duncan, Team GT DH head mechanic

Team GT DH

  • Martin Maes
  • Anneke Beerten

Team Scott-Velosolutions        

  • Brendan Fairclough
  • Gaetan Vige

 Team Bergamont

  • Eddy Masters
  • Reece Wilson
  • Morgane Charre
  • Patrick Butler


  • Stefan Garlicki

Other Pro racers who use CushCore


Ryan Steers – Team Giant Cross-Country

Brian Lopes – Ellsworth

Carson Storch – Rocky Mountain – extreme/slopestyle

Nate Furbee - DH and Enduro Privateer

Ben Furbee - DH and Enduro Privateer