Rider Feedback


Jared Gaves - Pro Enduro Racer (Team specialized)

"I have had 4 big days here in Rotorua on Cushcore and it has been flawless.  I've been loving it.  It has definitely allowed me to run lower pressures while still being just as aggressive in corners and berms without worrying about rolling the tire and burping air. Rotorua is an awesome testing ground for that...I'm definitely going to race with it here and in Tasmania."

Ryan Steers - pro xc racer

“First race impressions: tires felt awesome. Endurance 42-mile race mostly singletrack. Rolled super fast, handled perfectly, no flats and barely lost to Tinker. I was worried about weight but rolling resistance and handling made it unnoticeable. Felt really quick acceleration.”

Luca cometti - Pro downhill racer (team commencal)

I have been running [CushCore] both in my trail bike and just the rear on my DH bike, but so far they have been great. I will definitely continue to run them. The biggest thing I have noticed is I can run 2-3 less psi then normal and still get the same feel as a higher psi, as well as added stability from not tire rolling as easily. I haven’t noticed a massive change with the suspension on my DH bike, however on the trail bike it makes the suspension feel more supple off the top and overall feels like the bike tracks better. 

Tanner Kietzman - race mechanic (team specialized)

“The ride was better than expected. My standard pressure is 26 front and 28-29 rear. I dropped them down to 23 front and 26 rear. Did not notice an increase in rolling weight. Traction was a major improvement over previous tubeless setup. All positives right now.”

Curtis Keene - Pro enduro racer (Team specialized)

“You can no doubt feel the added support on the sidewalls…even when pressure is lower...good work."

parley ford - local ripper and expert enduro racer

CushCore is a must have for all my bikes! Even the first ride out, my bikes had more traction and were much more stable. I could charge harder and faster into turns because even when traction broke, the drift was incredibly predictable. Traction was never an issue for cornering, acceleration, and braking. When jumping into technical sections of trail, my tires, equipped with CushCore seemed to simply float over rocks and roots that once shook me like a bully taking my lunch money. No need to compromise stability for traction, or vise versa, CushCore is the best of both worlds! If you are want a faster, smoother, more stable bike, do yourself a favor and equip your bike with a set of CushCore tire inserts!

I'm so stoked for the coming year! Absolutely changed my riding for the better. 

Matt Weiser - expert mountain biker (woodland hills, ca)

The front tire felt very planted and stable through the rocks, especially while carrying speed and trying to float through the section.  The tire stayed true and did not want to deflect off the rocks. I  think I aimed for every rock on the 10 mile decent and not once did I feel the tire collapse or hit the rim, even when slamming the rear into a rock on the landing of a jump.

Kyle vargason - expert all-mountain rider (cincinatti, oh)

I'm an aggressive AM rider, 6'3" 230lbs and given my riding style I haven't had good luck with equipment. In my garage now is a broken carbon frame, broken carbon wheelset, handlebars and more destroyed aluminum wheel sets than I care to admit. About 2 years ago I moved to tubeless plus sized wheel hoping that it would allow me to run lower pressure without destroying a wheelset every season. I loved the new found ability to run pressures down to about 15psi and the traction was amazing (rear 17-21psi, front 15-18 depending on where I'm riding). I preferred the traction capability at the lower end of the pressure range but this didn't come without some compromise, including the occasional wheel strike (which did crack one carbon hoop) and a general lack of stability. The stability problem can be felt both left right and up down. The tires large air volume is undamped and even with the suspension locked up the bike still had a tendency to bob (when I first went to plus tires I was spinning clickers constantly to try to dial up more stability). The left - right stability could be felt around corners, berms and g-outs. I found myself setting air pressure based on the riding area which was always a compromise of stability traction and impact resistance.

The holy grail came when I found CushCore, no longer was setting air pressure a compromise. CushCore allows me to run at the lower end of my preferred pressure range without any of the previously mentioned compromises. The tires feel bottomless as the air volume is now effectively damped, traction is amazing and the confidence I now have heading into a rocky, rooty berm at full speed made me a CushCore believer. The ability of the CushCore to prevent burping and debeading is really a bonus, but the true value is in the improve the to the ride. With the CushCore I feel like mountain biking has reached another breakthrough, like full suspension and disk brakes. No more compromises!

Michael Davis - avid mountain biker with osteoarthritis (Bend, OR)

Because of sever osteoarthritis, mountain biking is one of the most exciting workouts I can get with almost zero impact on my joints. I'm VERY sensitive to the smaller vibrations and rock hits through my hands, wrists and elbows as well as the lower leg joints. I instantly noticed the difference CushCore made to the overall vibrations, especially through the handlebars. So many rocks felt like they turned to melted butter!


Took to the trail Sunday for a 14 mile ride on my CushCore setup and couldn't be happier, awesome product.