About CushCore / Kreft Moto

Sister companies CushCore and Kreft Moto operate out of the same facility based in the beautiful city of Bend Oregon. Bend is a small city on the Deschutes River in close proximity to the lakes and peaks of the Cascade Mountains. Bend is also home to hundreds of miles of mountain bike and dirt bike trails.

CushCore® (Patened) was founded in 2014 and launched its first product in 2017. CushCore is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a mountain bike tire. It divides the inside of the tire in half with air directly underneath the tread, and the CushCore insert next to the rim. They work together as a spring and damper – In other words an Inner-Tire Suspension System®.

Kreft Moto, founded in 2011, is a suspension engineering company specializing in WP equipped KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles.  We use a scientific approach and the latest suspension development technology.  We stay focused on the bikes we know and ride.  This approach delivers better performance and a better experience for our customers.

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