3.2% less rolling resistance than tubeless


Wheel Energy, an independent tire and wheel testing contractor based in Finland, performed rolling resistance tests for CushCore. They apply a fixed load to simulate the rider’s weight and roll the wheel on a drum. The test compares a Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.35 tubeless tire with and without CushCore at 25 psi. 

CushCore reduced rolling resistance by 3.2% compared to standard tubeless tires.

Standard tubeless tire: 37.1 watts
CushCore equipped tire: 35.9 watts
Energy savings: 1.2 watts (3.2%)


  • Less rolling resistance / fast rolling
  • Suspension benefits help preserve forward momentum through rough terrain
  • Freedom to run lightweight tires with supple, fast-rolling casings without compromising lateral stability or impact protection
  • Tires can be run at low pressure for improved flotation in sand



  • On small deflections under normal load (“just riding along”), a tire with CushCore maintains the resilient, elastic qualities of a normal tubeless tire.
  • Like a good suspension fork or shock, CushCore helps preserve forward momentum on rough ground.


Click HERE for more about the science of rolling resistance.


Rolling resistance measuring machine with simulated off-road terrain.

Test Procedure

  • The tire is mounted on the wheel and inflated
  • Warm-up for 15 minutes before the test
  • Wait 2 hours
  • Rolling Energy measurement of drum only
  • Tire pressure is adjusted
  • Rolling Energy measurement of drum with wheel+tire
  • Rolling Energy measurement of drum only
  • Rolling Energy measurement of drum with wheel+tire

Test result #5

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