In foam manufacturing, it is challenging to combine low weight with high durability.

Most impact absorbing, low-density foams are sacrificial, meaning they are destroyed in a single impact.  That’s how EPS helmet foam works, and that’s why helmet manufacturers recommend you buy a new helmet after a single crash.

CushCore is made from a cutting edge material that does things no other foam can do. It has both low density AND superb impact resilience.  The material is also waterproof, compatible with tubeless tire sealant, and tuned for appropriate rebound feel. Its ability to withstand repeated impacts without damage is more typical of foams that weigh twice as much.

The perfect foam.

Each CushCore insert is born in a huge aluminum mold, a manufacturing process which allows us to create the unique, patent-pending shape.   The shape helps secure the tire to the rim, and extends well beyond the rim flange to protect against impacts from all angles.  CushCore’s special shape also creates the lateral force against the tire sidewalls that gives CushCore the cornering stability and calm ride feel it’s known for.

A look at the competition illustrates differences between the materials.  Flat Tire Defender is 50 grams heavier than CushCore, yet it fills a much smaller volume within the tire.  Huck Norris is made from an open cell foam, which absorbs tire sealant and has only a fraction of the energy absorption capacity of CushCore.

Manufacturing this foam is challenging and expensive compared to other methods, but having tested so many different materials in the three-year development process leading up to the CushCore product launch, we strongly feel there is no contest in overall product quality.  The benefits to performance and durability are well worth the initial investment.

CushCore inserts are manufactured to tightly controlled quality standards.

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