Tires are an essential part of a mountain bike’s suspension system.  Tires can absorb some bumps more efficiently than even the best suspension fork or shock.

Any suspension system has two basic components: a spring and a damper.  The spring supports the load, and the damper dissipates energy.  Ideally, our tires would act more like a suspension system, helping dissipate unwanted energy to keep the wheels on the ground and under control.

CushCore delivers that technology to tires for the first time.  The inflated tire is an air spring, and the CushCore insert provides damping to the tire sidewalls. They work together as a spring and damper – in other words, a Tire Suspension System.


A bicycle tire is basically a rubber ball filled with pressurized air — like a basketball.  It is highly elastic, meaning it recovers its shape quickly after an impact and returns most of the energy in the form of rebound.  The tire bounces off rocks and roots, so it’s no wonder we sometimes feel like we are bouncing all over the trail!

As a suspension component, tires have one major weakness: no damping.  CushCore works as a suspension damper to control compression and rebound forces at the tire.

Undamped (black) versus damped (blue) oscillations.


CushCore tunes tire casing flex behavior for the optimal ride characteristics.  CushCore is constantly pressing against the tire sidewalls, managing the natural elastic deformation of the tire when it encounters a bump.  CushCore material is engineered for a controlled rebound response, helping dissipate impact force instead of bouncing or deflecting the rider off-line.

CushCore retains the supple and resilient feel of a normal tubeless tire when the casing deformation is small, as in normal rolling and conforming to the terrain.  This provides good traction and small-bump sensitivity with the lowest possible rolling resistance.  CushCore’s damping effect increases in proportion to the amount of tire deformation, so impacts that generate more spring force within the tire automatically receive more damping force.

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