12% Smoother Ride


  • Smooth ride
  • More control
  • Less rider fatigue




Motion Instruments, a data acquisition testing specialist, mounted accelerometers (“G-force” sensors) to two test bikes and ran a course with CushCore and without CushCore. The accelerometer is mounted to the head tube, which can accurately measure bump forces as they are experienced by the rider. 

The table shows cumulative G-forces — all the bumps added together during 4 hours of testing. Riders with CushCore experienced 11-12% less G-force from bump impacts.


G-Force Without CushCore 8,258 6,079
G-Force With CushCore 7,263 5,435
% REDUCTION 12% 11%

Read the complete test report from Motion Instruments HERE.

Calmer, smoother, and more controlled.

What really happens during a bump impact? Watch our slow-motion analysis.

Test result #2