Even with the best protection against flat tires, ultimately a flat is still possible.  If a flat does strike, CushCore’s superior tire stability, rim protection, and bead locking design enables you to continue charging to the finish line.  The bottom line is that CushCore’s run-flat capability saves races.

Example One: Graves at Madeira

Following the 2017 Enduro World Series event in Madeira, Portugal, CushCore rider Jared Graves reported:

 “Just some quick feedback to lets yous know (and give thanks) that CushCore definitely saved my race here in Madeira. CRAZY rocks on stage 3, managed to flat, but with the stability in the tire could limit the time loss and still manage a 20th place for the stage despite riding almost 5 minutes with the flat. There was no way I could have pushed anywhere near as hard as I still could with it, not to mention I would have for sure broken my wheel and that would have meant race over.

Jared Graves repairs a flat with help from Ritchie Rude.

Example Two: Faiclough at Lourdes

At the 2017 UCI Downhill World Cup in Lourdes, France, Scott-Velosolutions team racer Brendan Faiclough sustained a flat tire partway down the course during finals.  With CushCore installed, Fairclough was able to continue charging down the course at nearly full speed, earning him a solid 19th place finish.

Fairclough managed a 19th place finish despite sustaining a rear flat midway through the course.

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