Testing with a drop tower allows us to accurately measure the impact force reduction CushCore provides.

Our tests compare a standard tubeless tire setup to a tire with CushCore installed. We used a Specialized Purgatory tire set at a constant 25 psi. The aluminum rim was seated against a high density polyethylene saddle and secured firmly in place with a hydraulic jack.

The drop test carriage weighs 6 kg and has a 25mm wide striking implement that impacts the tire. At a drop height of 24″, the carriage delivers an impact energy of 36 Joules. The tire deformation we observe in this test closely resembles high speed video of mountain bike tires colliding with obstacles in normal riding conditions. An accelerometer capable of logging 20,000 samples per second was mounted to the carriage to record the resulting forces. Tire deformation was observed with a high frame rate (960 frames per second) digital camera.

CushCore’s custom drop test tower


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