CushCore increases sidewall stiffness 35%

CushCore reduces tire roll by 25%


  • Faster cornering
  • More traction
  • Consistent feel
  • No tire roll

Cornering Performance Tests

In addition to Motion Instruments’ testing, CushCore conducted tests to evaluate cornering performance using an MTS Roehrig EMA-2K suspension dyno.

Lateral Stiffness Test: The tire sidewalls are compressed equally from both sides. This measures sidewall stiffness.

Tire Roll Test: The rim is fixed in position while the actuator presses against one side of the tire and deflects it horizontally (see photo right). This mimics the forces exerted on the tire in aggressive cornering.

Testing tire roll with a specially configured suspension dynomometer.

Cornering at the limit with CushCore.

Lateral stiffness of CushCore (red) vs tubeless (blue). The ovalized shape of the CushCore trace shows CushCore is creating rebound damping.

CushCore adds lateral stability by exerting a constant outward pressure against the tire sidewalls.

Video: Dynamic tire roll testing.

Test result #3

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