CushCore completely eliminates the traditional tire performance compromise. It gives riders all the benefits of lightweight tires and heavy duty tires at the same time. CushCore delivers more traction, greater stability, lower rolling resistance, and superior shock absorption – all with a single tire setup.

Even with state-of-the-art mountain bike tires, riders are forced to choose between the benefits of lightweight tires designed to roll fast, and heavy duty tires designed for aggressive riding.  Riders also have to choose between the benefits of low pressure (traction) and high pressure (stability).  Most mountain bikers are familiar with these trade-offs.

Two recent design trends have attempted to reduce the performance trade-off problem:

  • Wider rims improve lateral stability by widening the bead seat.  This approach helps, but ultimately stability still depends on tire casing stiffness and air pressure.


  • Heavy duty tire construction increases lateral stability by increasing tire casing stiffness.  Unfortunately, the additional material often doubles the weight of the tire, reduces bump compliance, and increases rolling resistance.

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